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  • Sound Control  v.2.15Sound mixer applet which together with most of the features of the standard Windows mixer it also allows you to add hot keys to adjust any combination of your sound mixer volumes. Support to control Winamp with a series of hot keys and more.
  • Flash - Easy Sound Control  v.1.0This is a free flash source file from CyberXMedia. For those who want to add more control over their sound in flash. Comes with volume slider, fade left-to-right pan slider. It also has a numeric readout of the volume settings. There is also free ...
  • BetterSound  v.1.2BetterSound is an audio preference panel, offering some extra features in sound control management. It allows you to see all audio input and output controls at a glance in one panel.Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5 or later.Enhancements: Version 1.2: Mac ...
  • Batonome for Mac OS  v.1.1Metronome software that realizes the movement of a baton using Snow Leopard's Core Animation technology. - Smooth and accurate animation. - Edit baton animation. - Customize beat sound. - Control by AppleRemote. - Transmit MIDI timing clock. - ...
  • Braun  v.32Braun is an application for visualising Open Sound Control (OSC) data on a scrolling ...
  • Superj  v.1.0Superj is an Open Sound Control (OSC) enabled audio scripting server. It uses jcollider to communicate with a SuperCollider (scsynth) server. It can be easily integrated with popular OSC software like Pure Data (PD) or ...
  • ContrOSC  v.1.0contrOSC is a middleware to bridge hardware DAW midicontrollers to OSC (Open Sound Control) enabled software like PD, CSound or SuperCollider, so you can easily create patches which communicates with the devices. The first one is the C4 by MACKIE (tm).
  • LivePython  v.1.0Remote access to Ableton Live's Python API framework. Currently supporting telnet, access, UDP linewire, Open Sound Control, example code and API provided. Written in Python.
  • PICnome firmware  v.1.0The PICnome is free hardware derived from open source hadware monome. PICnome adopt an Open Sound Control(OSC) and this is more flexible osc controller than midi controller.
  • Open Music Kontrollers  v.1.0omk are several small projects that can be glued together to build custom music controllers based on both free hard- and software, especially it's based the LeaLabs Maple, Open Sound Control, SuperCollider and Lua.
  • Q3osc  v.1.0q3osc is a heavily modified version of the ioquake3 gaming engine featuring an integrated oscpack implementation of Open Sound Control for bi-directional communication between a game server and a multi-channel OSC-client audio server.
  • MultiWind  v.1.0Hardware controller software for electronic music, games and special needs users. - Firmware for NXP ARM - USB data transfer to host with a custom protocol - Open Sound Control server on host (Mac or Win) for access to device data and device control.
  • Vst Layer  v.1.0An interface between a vst host and plugin that uses Open Sound Control to transport control and audio data to external OSC servers and clients. This therefore allows vst distributed processing amongst other application areas.
  • Digivox  v.1.0Digivox's system of sound control. This project is exclusive use for Digivox's internal control. Only authorized people can modify, use, etc.
  • LusidOSC  v.1.0LusidOSC is an open initiative to define and support a layer for unique spatial input devices using Open Sound Control. LusidOSC cleanly connects spatial interfaces with user-level applications via a simple, extendable OSC protocol.
  • Txosc  v.0.1.3txosc: Open Sound Control (OSC) protocol for Twisted ...
  • AudioDocs  v.2.1.1AudioDocs is a word document to audio file converter written in C#.
  • Audio Control  v. Control is an audio mixer software utility for visualization and control of the computer audio volume, and is an improved substitution for the standard Windows Volume control. Audio Control saves space and allows for easy audio volume control.
  • Izotope Trash  v.1.0Key Features * Complete Amp, Cabinet and Stomp Box modeling tool * Intuitive design, features not available anywhere else * Multiband Compression, Distortion and Post-Filter * Unmatched control over every detail of your sound * Finally discover your ...
  • CheVolume  v. volume control. Assign applications sound outputs. You can choose where the audio of your applications go.
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